Swinney Recreation Center

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Vision and Values

Our Vision

Swinney Recreation Center is committed to being the very best of its kind, an organization that continually advances the industry standard and leads the transformation of recreational sports programs nationwide. We envision a dynamic program that positively engages every student and member of the UMKC community by offering diverse opportunities for the development and growth of the whole person.

Our Values

Exceptional service built upon mutual respect.


We adhere to the highest standards, attend to every detail, utilize resources effectively and strive to exceed expectations in all that we do.


We believe in honesty, fairness, high ethical standards and embracing trust and respect as the foundation of our organization's culture.


We work diligently to earn the confidence and loyalty of our customers by providing diverse, innovative and responsive programs that focus on participant satisfaction.


We employ a knowledgeable and conscientious staff, encourage professional development, staff achievement and a superior quality of work.


We foster relationships and serve as good citizens of the university by partnering with students, campus agencies and the greater community to support projects and events.


We honor our commitments and recognize that accountability and professionalism are essential components of an effective and interdependent team.

Student Development

We facilitate opportunities for learning, self-discovery and leadership development through experiential education, team building and role modeling.


We promote an interactive and inclusive work environment that is dedicated to courteous behavior, consideration of others, mutual respect and the free exchange of ideas.


We provide secure, accessible environments and diverse experiences that assist students in forging friendships, realizing a sense of belonging and improving self-esteem.


We embrace innovation, creativity and imagination, resulting in a visionary approach to positive change and continuous improvement.

Fitness Facts

~ A bear, however hard he tries, grows tubby without exercise. —A.A. Milne

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