We offer hundreds of programs in more than 60 countries to help you gain a broader understanding of other cultures and your own background. Join us for an information session to find out more about our programs.

Types of Programs

Program Considerations

Planning and program requirements

Housing options

Credit transfer and language requirements

Potential cultural challenges

Choosing Your Program

When choosing which program is the right fit for you, consider these factors.

  • The program's criteria
  • Your match for the program
  • Your ability to benefit from the program

How to search for a program

  1. Open the UMKC Study Abroad Globetrotter Portal
  2. Choose "Advanced Search" and select preferred geographic areas, languages, areas of study, timeframe or housing options. You may select more than one option by holding down the CTRL key.
  3. Select "Search"
  4. Select program name to view information brochure

Programs not affiliated with UMKC

UMKC degree-seeking students may participate in a Study Abroad program not affiliated with UMKC under these conditions.

  • The program must be considerably different than our affiliated programs
  • The program must meet a specific academic need
  • Students must complete a Petition for a Non-UMKC Affiliated Program at least six weeks before departure
  • Our office and the Study Abroad Advisory Committee (SAAC) may decide not to support participation in the program if there are questions or concerns about safety, participant support or academic quality
  • Credit for any courses will not be given without prior written approval from our office and the student’s academic unit