Reverse Transfer

What Is Reverse Transfer?

Continue working toward completing your associate's degree from a participating community college while earning your bachelor's degree at UMKC. 

By transferring the credit hours you earn toward your UMKC bachelor's degree back to your participating community college, your coursework will apply toward degrees from both schools. Additionally, UMKC and your community college cover the cost of sharing transcripts.


  • Earn two degrees at the same time
  • Fulfill some or all general education requirements
  • Benefit from the exchange of transcripts at no cost to you 
  • Qualify for more job opportunities or possible career advancement with an earned associate's degree


  • Current degree-seeking student at UMKC and have attended for at least two months
  • Completed at least 15 transferable credit hours from a participating single, two-year institution
  • Have not yet earned your associate's or bachelor's degree

Participating schools

Start your reverse transfer


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