Reverse transfer allows community college students to continue working toward completing their associate's degree after transferring to UMKC.

By transferring the hours you earn toward your UMKC bachelor's degree back to your community college, your coursework could help you earn degrees from both schools. And the best part, UMKC and your community college cover the cost of sharing transcripts for you!

The benefits of reverse transfer

  • Maximize your credits and earn two degrees at the same time
  • Make yourself more employable! Qualify for more job opportunities or possible career advancement with an earned associate's degree
  • Possibly meet UMKC general education requirements

Reverse transfer eligibility

Students may opt in to reverse transfer if they have at least 15 transferable credit hours from a participating community college and have not yet earned an associate's degree or bachelor's degree.

Participating Community Colleges:

Help with reverse transfer

UMKC works with our community college partners to exchange transcripts automatically each semester at no cost to the student.

Opt in to reverse transfer

Questions? Contact Kim Leibold, UMKC reverse transfer coordinator, by email or phone at 816-235-8645.