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About the Trustees

The UMKC Board of Trustees is a non-profit organization established by civic and community leaders to support the University.

Trustees Mission

The UMKC Trustees represent the spectrum of Kansas City's business, civic and philanthropic leadership. Our members advocate on the University's behalf, provide community feedback and forge partnerships to help the University achieve its strategic priorities and financial objectives. The board works to ensure that UMKC is an exceptional urban university embedded in the fabric of our community and that the community is embedded in the University.

Trustees’ Scholarship Application

The deadline for the 2018 application is Friday, December 1, 2017 at 11:59 p.m.

Meet a Trustees’ Scholar

Azani Fitten


Graduation date:
Spring 2017

What has been the best part of the Trustees' Scholars Program for you?
The Trustees' Scholar Program provides so much support for me and has opened doors I never would have imagined. It is not simply a scholarship; the Trustees truly care. They want to learn about my dreams and goals and even help me achieve them. Being able to experience such great support and guidance is definitely the best part of the program for me.

What would you like to say to your sponsor?
Thank you so much for your support both financially and professionally. Words cannot express how grateful I am, and I do not take the work you do for the program and in the community lightly. You are such an inspiration and definitely encourage me to strive for greatness and pursue my passions. This program helps me realize that anything is possible!

What experiences have you had that are a direct result of being a part of the Trustees' Scholars Program?
I have had so many unfathomable doors open for me solely as a result of the Trustees' Scholars Program. I've had lunch with multiple community members from attorneys to CEOs. I have attended award ceremonies in which I've met celebrities, I have received multiple letters of recommendation from Trustees, and I will even have my study abroad experience nearly fully funded. The most impactful experience I have had is the opportunity to build true, lifelong friendships with the other Trustees' Scholars. The other scholars encourage me, tutor me and support me and I couldn't ask for anything better!