Executive committee

The Executive committee is elected from among the current Trustees. They manage the business and property of the Board of Trustees in the interim between meetings of the full board.

Executive committee members

Chair: Joel Voran
Doranne Hudson
Chandler McCray
Ann Brandau Murguia
Jim Polsinelli
Annie Presley
Jerry Reece
David Shapland
Scott Smith
Tom Turner
Maurice Watson

Finance committee

The Finance committee is accountable for the fiduciary matters of the board, including management of the endowments, the restricted funds and the finances associated with the UMKC Trustees’ real estate program. The committee approves and manages the annual Trustees’ operations budget and advises the board on all budgetary matters.

Finance committee members

Vice Chair: David Shapland
David Brain
John Bluford
Frank Ellis
David Harrison
Mark Hinderks
Richard Johnson
Jim Sangster
John Sherman
Don Wagner

Real Estate committee

The Real Estate committee oversees and manages the operation of the UMKC Trustees’ Real Estate program. The committee is responsible for policy matters of the program, including purchase of new property, maintenance of all properties and sales of Board-owned properties. The committee is charged to assure the Board that properties are in proper condition and that the program is fiscally accountable. The Real Estate Program operates solely to support the needs of UMKC.

Real Estate committee members

Vice Co-Chairs: Ann Brandau Murguia, Tom Turner, III
John Callison
Keith Copaken
Steve Dunn
Frank Ellis
Mark Jorgenson
Jerry Reece
David Shapland
Arthur Stoup

Trustees' Scholars committee

The Scholar/Business Connections committee implements a Professional Enrichment Program designed to connect scholars to the Kansas City community and educate them on issues facing the region. The committee also works to ensure opportunities are available for scholars to connect with Trustees for relevant internship and mentoring opportunities. 

Scholar/Business Connections committee members

Vice Chair: Chandler McCray
Debby Ballard
Steve Doyal
Ed Honesty
David Oliver
Joy Wheeler
David Westbrook
Michelle Wimes

Awards Committee

Awards committee members

Vice Chair: Scott Smith
Pat McCown
Danny O'Neill
Betsey Solberg
Kent Sunderland

UMKC Trustees Governance Committee

The UMKC Trustees Governance committee is designated by the Board of Trustees for the purpose of considering and recommending candidates to the Board of Trustees for election to the Board of Trustees and to the position of Honorary Trustee.

Governance committee members

Vice Chair: Maurice Watson
Mick Aslin
Alan Atterbury
Ken Baum
Bert Berkley
Henry Bloch
Tom Bloch
Barrett Brady
Ellen Z. Darling
Doranne Hudson
Pat McLarney
David Oliver
John Readey
Thomas Turner III
Joel Voran
Joy Wheeler
Hugh Zimmer

Government Relations committee

The Government Relations committee assists in making the case for quality, higher education as a necessary attribute of a progressive state and as an economic driver for Missouri. The committee works with UMKC and UM System leadership to present the public funding needs and opportunities of UMKC to the citizens and elected officers of the city, county and state.

Government Relations committee members

Vice Chair: Jim Polsinelli
Dianne Cleaver
Anne Elsberry
Warren Erdman
Pete Levi
Pat McLarney
Roshann Parris
Annie Presley

Meet a Trustees Board Member

Doranne Hudson

Doranne Hudson
Secretary & Vice Chair, Strategy and Planning


“UMKC is an extraordinary resource for Kansas City, as a large, research-based university in the heart of the city, and the Trustees work to link this vital resource with the needs of the business and civic communities. Trustee committees do real work with real results. The impact on the University makes Trustee involvement time well spent.”