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About the Trustees

The UMKC Board of Trustees is a non-profit organization established by civic and community leaders to support the University.

Trustees Mission

The UMKC Trustees represent the spectrum of Kansas City's business, civic and philanthropic leadership. Our members advocate on the University's behalf, provide community feedback and forge partnerships to help the University achieve its strategic priorities and financial objectives. The board works to ensure that UMKC is an exceptional urban university embedded in the fabric of our community and that the community is embedded in the University.

Trustees’ Scholarship Application

Application deadline is no later than December 1 — After submitting the UMKC general application, complete the joint UMKC Trustees’ Scholarship and Honors College application. Click here for more information.

Meet a Trustees’ Scholar

Ben Rankin

Political Science

Graduation date:
Spring 2020

How has being named a Trustees’ Scholar changed your life?

One thing that I love about the Trustees’ Scholars Program is that it encourages students to embrace their identity as a citizen of Kansas City.

I first became politically involved during the summer before my freshman year of college when I interned on a gubernatorial campaign. When I was named a Trustees’ Scholar, I found Kansas City to be a vibrant center of political activity that dwarfed anything I had experienced before, and I was hooked.

As I began to work on local and national campaigns with KC activist groups and got involved with the UMKC College Democrats, I realized how much joy I got from giving my time to political causes. My experiences led me to take on a leadership role at UMKC as the president of the College Democrats, and my networking opportunities with the Trustees simultaneously led me to an internship in the office of a U.S. Senator.

Today, I’m involved in a level of community engagement that I had never imagined before coming to Kansas City. My short years in KC have already changed the direction of my life, and I have the Trustees’ Scholarship to thank for that.