The Sky's the Limit!

With your help we will reach new heights together!


November 20, 2017

Kelsi Washington, Business Administration


"I am the oldest of eight and a first-generation college student.  It is on my shoulders to open the doors of higher education for my siblings, which is a wonderful load to bear.  You have to be strong but you have to know when to ask for help."  Kelsi Washington, Business Administration, minor in Engineering

No one succeeds alone. All of our heroes, mentors and idols tell stories of the people who helped them along the way. At UMKC, we focus on partnerships to enable success. Professors and students. Graduate students and underclassmen. Alumni and recent graduates.

You are a crucial partner in the success of students at UMKC. Our students are here because they are talented, curious and ambitious. They are focused on turning dreams and ideas into realities that will shape our world.

We want to ensure that UMKC students can reach their goals in the face of financial constraints. Any gift you make provides critical support to help students graduate and enables them to build careers that make a difference.

When you make a contribution, you become a partner in student success. No matter your giving level, you have the opportunity to change lives. When we partner to help UMKC students, the sky's the limit.