UMKC Alumni Fund

Groundbreaking scientific advances. Successful business ventures. Outstanding arts achievements. Impactful civic contributions.

Your support of the UMKC Alumni Fund allows promising students to continue their education through increased access to scholarships.

Thank you for renewing your belief in UMKC and helping us grow the Alumni Fund. Together, we are accomplishing great things!


How can I make a gift?
Give online
Call 816-235-1566 and ask to speak with a UMKC Alumni Fund representative.

How can I have my company match my gift?
Some companies will match charitable gifts. You can obtain a matching gift form from your personnel or human resources department. Complete the requested information and return the form with your contribution to:

UMKC Alumni Fund
229 Administrative Center
5100 Rockhill Road
Kansas City, MO 64110-2499

What is the Alumni Fund?
The Alumni Fund raises unrestricted funds on an annual basis to support excellence at UMKC. Gifts to the UMKC Alumni Fund provide scholarships, technology upgrades and student programming enhancements essential to UMKC's future.

Why is my gift needed?
The cost of higher education is climbing while state funding is declining. Your participation in the Alumni Fund helps to reduce the financial burden on our students.

What if I can’t give much?
Your participation is more important than the amount of your gift. Your continued support for the university illustrates the value you place on your UMKC degrees. National rankings consider a high alumni participation rate as indicative of our strength as a university; it represents the confidence you have in the direction of the institution. As our ranking increases, the value of your degree increases as well.