The Robert H. Flarsheim Society

The Robert H. Flarsheim Society was established in 1999 to recognize, honor and thank alumni and friends who have included the University of Missouri-Kansas City (or any of its colleges and schools) in their estate plans or other planned gift arrangements. The Society also helps raise awareness about the benefits of charitable gift planning and encourages and assists those who may also wish to make a planned gift to UMKC Foundation.

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Members of the Robert H. Flarsheim Society are specially recognized in university publications, and are provided access to additional university resources, activities, events and benefits. It is through their collective personal interest, support and generosity that UMKC's important role in educating and inspiring students from many backgrounds can be assured.

The Society was named for Bob Flarsheim, a long-time neighbor of UMKC, because his compelling life story epitomizes many of the values that we cherish at UMKC.

Bob was a self-made man with a profound sense of community and a sincere love of education. He built a successful food brokerage business and invested wisely. Later in life, Bob became a business development banker and was able to guide many budding entrepreneurs in creating and growing some of Kansas City's most successful businesses today. Bob was a life-long learner with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and an expansive range of interests. He found "teachers" everywhere, and enjoyed exchanging ideas on everything from art and architecture, to culture, current events, gardening, poetry, and even telecommunications engineering. Bob generously gave of his resources to many educational, scientific and cultural organizations and witnessed how his gifts could impact peoples' lives.

UMKC was especially favored. He bought the house next door to the Chancellor's residence, served as a charter member of the University Associates, gave generously to a variety of UMKC causes, engaged students, faculty and staff in impromptu discussions, and became so much a part of campus life that in 1993 at UMKC's 60th anniversary celebration, Bob was named an honorary alumnus.

At his death, Bob Flarsheim bequeathed his home and more than $8.8 million to UMKC - the largest planned gift in the history of the university - with instructions to create an endowment to beautify and care for the campus in perpetuity. His vision of a beautiful campus will be assured for generations.

Members of the Robert H. Flarsheim Society also share a similar vision and look to leave their own legacy at UMKC in an area of special interest. They believe strongly in the mission and benefits of higher education to both individuals and communities. Together, their planned gifts will provide an opportunity to build a better university to give new generations of students the opportunity to learn, be creative and generous, and have their own special impact on their communities and other people.

We invite you to consider making your own lasting legacy at UMKC. For more information about the Robert H. Flarsheim Society, please contact Jeff Chapman, University of Missouri-Kansas City, at 816-235-5554 or