UMKC Building Liaisons


Building Liaison

4741-43 Troost Open
4747 Troost Mark Culver (x5720)
4747 Troost Michelle Kretsinger (Alternate) (x6063)
4825 Troost Sandy Martin (x6301)
5245 Rockhill Phyllis Lamaster (x1109)
5301 Charlotte Elizabeth Valle (x5448)
5319 Holmes Tom Mardikes (x2784)
4510 Gennessee Scott Stackhouse(x2771)
Administrative Center (1st floor) Steven Barnes (x5742)
Administrative Center (1st floor) Elora Thomas (x1210)
Administrative Center (1st floor) Doretta Kidd (Alternate) (x1204)
Administrative Center (2nd floor) Ken Bledsoe (x5256)
Administrative Center (3rd floor) Rebecca Markley (x1024)
Atterbury Student Success Center Janet Dexter (x6034)
Berkley Center Polly Prendergast (x2601)
Biological Sciences John Bollin (x1450)
Biological Sciences Sarah Beth Schulz (x1330)
Bloch Business School Kristina Shultz (x2896)
Bloch Executive Halll Kristina Shultz (x2896)
Brookside 51 Sue Marchbanks (x1220)
Brookside 51 Jane Holland (Alternate) (x5672)
Cherry Hall Brandon King (x1694)
Cockefair Hall Cassie Allen (x1307)
Dental School Valorie Moore-Porter (Primary) (x2136)
Dental School Jeff Primos (x2018)
Education Yolanda Branch (x2260)
Epperson Campus Police (x1515)
Fine Arts  Open
Flarshiem Hall Selena Albert (x5268)
Flarshiem Hall-All Chemistry  Dr. Kathleen Kilway (x2289)
Flarshiem Hall- Geosciences James Murowchick (x2979)
General Services Building Andrea DiRaimo (x1357)
Grant Hall - Conservatory of Music Cheryl Adam (x2900)
Haag Hall Jennifer Underwood (x1337)
Health Sciences Building-School of Pharmacy Casey Ramsey (x1608)
Health Sciences Building-School of Pharmacy Nancy Bahner (x2429)
Health Sciences Building-Nursing School Allison Carden (x1467)
Health Sciences Building-Animal Laboratories Jodi Troup (x5669)
Herman and Dorothy Johnson Hall Jessie Riggs (x8415)
Hospital Hill Student Housing Jessie Riggs (x8415)
Katz Hall Stella Szymanski (x1725)
Laboratory Facility Anthony Caruso (x2505)
Laboratory Facility Joseph Crow (x1674)
Law School Tom Green (x1646)
Manheim Hall Jennifer Underwood (x1337)
Medical School Jordan Callison (x1802)
Miller Nichols Learning Center Mary Anderson (x1678)
Miller Nichols Library Mary Anderson (x1678)
Newcomb Hall David Johnston (x1199)
Oak Street Residence Hall Jessie Riggs (x8415)
Olson Performing Arts Center - Conservatory of Music Cheryl Adam (x2900)
Olson Performing Arts Center - Conservatory of Music Jim Snell (x2950)
Olson Performing Arts Center - Prof. Rep Theatre Kelly Cooper (x2780)
Olson Performing Arts Center - Conservatory of Music Elizabeth Valle (x5448)
Olson Performing Arts Center - Theatre Dept. Adam Terry (Alternate) (x6686)
Royall Hall Jennifer Underwood (x1337)
Scofield Hall Tammy Shelton (Alternate) (x1311)
Scofield Hall Hannah Hohenstein-Flack  (x5421)
Spencer Hall Chemistry Dr. Kathleen Kilway (x2289)
Spencer Hall - 4th/5th,
portions of 2nd and 3rd Floors
John Bollin (x1450)
Student Union Janet Dexter (x6034)
Student Union Jody Jeffries (x1086)
Swinney Rec Center Liz Hoffman Shrout (x2615)
Swinney Rec Center Liz Feldman (x1513)
Swinney Rec Center Nathan Lonngren (x1000)
University House Open
Campus Facilities Management Michael Graves, Director of Facilities Operations (x6073)
  Bill Haverly, Director of Planning, Design & Construction (x1689)

Robbie Wren, Sr. Assistant Director of Facilities Operations (x1292)

  Sarah Pastora, Facilities Space Planner/Analyst (x1356)
  Tyrone Duckworth, Senior Manager, Custodial Services (x1630)
Environmental Health & Safety Dennis Elmore, Director EHS & Risk Management (x1157)
Parking Structures/Parking Lot Ken Bledsoe, Office Supervisor (x5256)
Police Department Mike Bongartz, Director & Chief of Police (x1515)
  Don Simmons, Police Captain (x1515)
  Joe Rucinski, Police Captain (x1515)
  Phillip Murphy, Crime Prevention Officer (x1515)



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