UMKC Building Liaisons


Building Liaison

4741-43 Troost Open
4747 Troost Crisanne Arnold (x5241)
4825 Troost James DeRemer (x5781)
51st Street Annex (2nd Floor) Open
5245 Rockhill Phyllis Lamaster (x1109)
Administrative Center (1st floor) Mara Gee (x1214)
Administrative Center (2nd floor) Cynthia Sipes (x1345)
Administrative Center (3rd floor) Erma Artist (x1107)
Administrative Center (3rd floor) Kim Johnson (x1027)
Administrative Center-Public Relations Open
Animal Facilities Andrea Commons (x6339)
Berkley Center Polly Prendergast (x2601)
Biological Sciences John Bollin (x1450)
Bloch Business School Mary Morgan (x2231)
Cherry Hall Cathy Rawlings (x1318)
Cockefair Hall Sherry Neuerburg (x1307)
Dental School Valorie Moore-Porter (Primary) (x2136)
Dental School Jeff Primos (x2018)
Education Jackie Walter (x2237)
Epperson Campus Police (x1515)
Fine Arts  Alicen Lundberg (x1501)
Fine Arts (3rd Floor) Mary Crosson (x1185)
Flarshiem Hall Deborah Dilks (Alternate) (x1259)
Flarshiem Hall Bret Lesan (x1289)
Flarshiem Hall-All Chemistry  Josie Maningat (x2281)
Flarshiem Hall- Geosciences James Murowchick (x2979)
Grant Hall Cheryl Adam (x2900)
General Services Building Andrea DiRaimo (x1357)
Haag Hall Jennifer Underwood (x1337)
Health Sciences Building-School of Pharmacy Casey Ramsey (x1608)
Health Sciences Building-School of Pharmacy Nancy Bahner (x2429)
Health Sciences Building-Nursing School Cyndi Cusick (x5693)
Health Sciences Building-Animal Laboratories Andrea Commons (x6339)
Herman and Dorothy Johnson Hall Nancy McNerney (x8840)
Katz Hall Stella Szymanski (x1725)
Law School Tom Green (x1646)
Manheim Hall Jennifer Underwood (x1337)
Medical School Mark Mikkelsen (x1814)
Miller Nichols Library Mary Anderson (x1678)
Newcomb Hall David Johnston (x1199)
Oak Street Residence Hall Nancy McNerney (x8840)
Oak Place Apartments Nancy McNerney (x8840)
Old Maintenance Building Bruce Waggoner (x5586)
Performing Arts Center Kelly Cooper (x2780)
Royall Hall Jennifer Underwood (x1337)
Scofield Hall Jeannette Lowery (x1311)
Spencer Chemistry (SCB)
portions of 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors
Josie Maningat (x2281)
Spencer Chemistry (SCB) 4th/5th,
portions of 2nd and 3rd Floors
John Bollin (x1450)
Student Success Center Michael Sargentini (x1197)
Student Success Center Deidra West (x1174)
Student Success Center Jackie Booker (Alternate) (x1412)
Student Union Chiluba Musonda (x6243)
Student Union Jackie Booker (Alternate) (x1412)
Swinney Rec Center Tom Schultz (x2724)
University House Betsy Beasley (x1168)
Campus Facilities Management Bob Simmons, Associate Vice Chancellor Administration (x1354)
  Jeff Brown, Director of Facilities Operations (x6073)
  Jeff Vandel, Director of Planning, Design & Construction (x1440)
  Greg Silkman, Manager of Planning, Design & Construction (x1369)
  Kaye Johnston, Coordinator-Sustainability(x6402)
  Karen Lavendusky, Facilities Space Planner/Analyst (x1356)
  Velda Robins, Manager of Building Services (x1630)
Environmental Health & Safety Bill Leutzinger, Director EHS & Risk Management (x1157)
  Crisanne Arnold, Administriative Associate (x5241)
  Jacob Gaughran, Fire & Safety Inspector (x6095)
Police Department Mike Bongartz, Director & Chief of Police (x1515)
  Don Simmons, Police Captain (x1515)
  Joe Rucinski, Police Captain (x1515)
  Patrick Tedesco, Officer (x1515)
Parking Structures/Parking Lot Michelle Cone, Manager Parking Operations (x1514)



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The UMKC Call Center is available for technical assistance at 816-235-2000.

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Faculty and staff with non-technical questions can call Human Resources at 816-235-1621.

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