Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it mandatory that I update or include my information?

A. No. Every individual has a choice in how they want to receive emergency notification. If an individual uses his/her personal cell phone as a primary communication tool, the benefits from text messaging or personal voice mail increase if that contact information has been provided.

Q. Will I be charged for text messages?

A. The fee for text messages depends on each user’s contractual agreement with their cell service provider. It is important to note that the UMKC Alert! notification will only be used for critical, timely emergency communication, including:

  • Campus events that threaten the safety and health of students, faculty, staff and community
  • Campus closings due to emergency events, including inclement weather
  • Class cancellations due to emergency campus events, including inclement weather

UMKC Alert! notification will not be used for less-critical messages, such as road closings, construction notices, etc.

Q. How secure is my contact information?

A. The contact information submitted for use with the campus-wide emergency notification system is stored in the Pathway and HR Peoplesoft systems, which is protected by multiple layers of physical and technical security. Access to that data is limited to authorized University staff. Your contact information is then transmitted via secure socket layer (SSL) technology to the vendor, Rave Mobile Safety. Rave Mobile Safety has multiple layers of security to protect the data once it is in their system.

Q. Will emergency information be included on the UMKC home page and through different local media?

A. Yes. Announcements regarding school closings, class cancellations due to inclement weather or emergency events, and events regarding the safety and health of our campus patrons will continue to be included on, as well as Campus closings/class cancellations also will continue to be announced through local media. Media will be contacted as a venue of distribution of information in the event of an emergency situation on either of our campuses.

Q. Will my contact information be sold to telemarketers?

A. No. Rave Mobile Safety does not sell, lease, share, rent or barter personally identifiable information (names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.) to any companies or persons outside of Rave Mobile Safety or Rave Mobile Safety service providers. For more information, see the Rave Mobile Safety home page.

Q. What number will appear on my caller ID when an alert is issued?

A. When a UMKC Alert is issued via the emergency mass notification system, the caller ID will show receipt of a call from 816-235-8888.

Q. What e-mail address will appear when an alert is issued?

A. The “from” address of the emergency e-mail message sent from UMKC through the emergency mass notification system will appear as: UMKC Alert.

Q. What should I do if I receive an emergency call or e-mail from the emergency mass notification system?

A. If you receive an emergency message from the emergency mass notification system, do the following:

  1. Listen to or read the ENTIRE message. The message is of a serious nature.
  2. Follow any instructions given in the message. It will prompt you to confirm receipt of the message.




Student checking cell phone


Helpful Phone Numbers

UMKC Call Center
The UMKC Call Center is available for technical assistance at 816-235-2000.

The UMKC Helpline is available to students for non-technical questions at 816-235-2222.

Human Resources
Faculty and staff with non-technical questions can call Human Resources at 816-235-1621.

City Resources

Prepare Metro KC

State Resources

Missouri Homeland Security

State Emergency Management Agency

Federal Resources

Homeland Security

American Red Cross

US State Department

Travel Warnings

Centers for Disease Control

Overseas Security Advisory Council