University Writing & Reading Board

About the UWRB


University Writing and Reading Board (UWRB) Members

Jenn Beatty, ex officio Reading Studio Coordinator
Erin Blocher WI Instructor - Bloch School
Ruth Cain, ex officio Director of Assessment
Stephen Christ Honors College
Keichanda Dees-Burnett Multicultural Studies
Richard Delaware WI Instructor - A&S/Math & Stats
Rhiannon Dickerson, ex officio, Co-Chair Discourse Coordinator - A&S/Comm. Studies
Thomas Ferrel, ex officio, Co-Chair Writing Studio Director
Margaret Kinkaid WI Instructor - School of Biological Sciences
Desiree Long, ex officio RooWriter Coordinator
Dan Mahala, ex officio Director of Composition
Steven Melling WI Instructor - A&S/Comm. Studies
Cindy Pemberton, ex officio Deputy Provost for Academic Affairs
Alice Reckley WI Instructor - A&S/Foreign Languages
Aaron Reed WI Instructor - School of Biological Sciences
Brenda Walker-Williams School of Nursing
Henri Wood, Co-Chair Honors College
Fu Zhuo University Libraries