UMKC Web Policy, Requirements and Recommendations


Alt, height and width attributes must be defined for every image. Both elements appear within the IMG tag as shown in the example below and are highlighted in blue.


<img src="example.jpg" width="100" height="100" alt="Students at orientation">

Height and width attributes within the IMG tag speed loading and eliminate confusion for screen readers and text browsers.

Alt attributes are important because they:

  • provide further detail for an image or the destination of a hyperlinked image.
  • enable and enhance access for people with disabilities.
  • provide much-needed information for people who use the Web with graphics turned off, and people who use the Web with text-only browsers.
  • assist in navigation when a graphics-intensive site is being viewed over a slow connection, enabling site visitors to make navigation choices before graphics are fully rendered.

W3C - Alt attributes

How to specify alternate text




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