As a transfer student, you likely have many questions about what classes transfer to UMKC and how long you have left to finish your degree. We provide three visit options for transfer students to find out more about our campus and their academic unit: Transfer Roo Visits, Transfer Days and Transfer Consultations.

We also offer online resources to help you see how your credits are going to transfer. If you are transferring from a Kansas City area community college, begin with our Transfer Guides. If you are outside the Kansas City area or have attended multiple colleges/universities, please use Transferology.

If the dates offered through Transfer Roo Visits, Transfer Days or Transfer Consultations don't work for you, please contact us at A UMKC Transfer Admissions Representative will be happy to find a time to meet that works for you.

Transfer Roo Visits

During a Transfer Roo Visit, students interested in transferring to UMKC will meet with our Transfer Admissions Counselor and receive a presentation, tour and additional one-on-one time if needed. Select a date and time for more information.

Transfer Days

Transfer Days are half-day programs that allow transfer students to not only get an informative presentation and campus tour but also the opportunity to meet with academic units and campus organizations and resources. Select a date for more information.

Transfer Consultations

Transfer Consultations are an opportunity to meet one-on-one with a Transfer Admissions Counselor to discuss and plan your transition to UMKC. Select a date and time for more information.