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The Writing Studio has developed a number of workshops that provide targeted instruction on different aspects of academic writing. All workshops are led by Writing Studio staff members who will visit the classroom to perform the workshop. Please feel free to contact the Writing Studio with any questions or comments. The Writing Studio provides a variety of services to assist your student writers, including peer writing consultations, workshops, and the Writer's Hotline.


If you are UMKC faculty and would like to request a workshop, follow these steps: 

1. Select a workshop from the list below

2. Fill out a Workshop Request Form

3. Email the completed Workshop Request form to


If you would like to request a workshop not listed below, please call the Writing Studio at (816) 235-1146. Please allow us plenty of time to prepare.


Common Workshops

Introduction to the Writing Studio

A Writing Studio staff member will visit the classroom and briefly explain the services offered by the Writing Studio. Unless the professor has any special requests/instructions, these workshops usually last about ten minutes.

MLA Formatting

A consultant will review basic MLA formatting. If a modified version of MLA is preferred, please indicate those preferences in the Workshop Request Form. This workshop can last half an hour (or longer by request).

APA Formatting

A consultant will review basic APA formatting. When filling out the Workshop Request Form, please indicate whether or not the cpnsultant should discuss levels. This workshop can last half an hour (or longer by request).

RooWriter Preparation

A consultant will discuss important information regarding the RooWriter. This workshop is especially useful for Discourse II classes with students preparing to take the assessment. This workshop lasts about 45 minutes.


Other Workshops

Developing an Argument

Developing a Thesis

Integrating Quotes

Academic Introductions & Conclusions

Invention Strategies: Discovering & Narrowing a Topic

Organizing Academic Papers

Outlining Peer Response

Proofreading Strategies

Punctuation & Grammar Review

The Reading Process

Using Electronic Sources

The Writing Process


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