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How do online consultations work?

Online consultations via Zoom work just like an in-person writing session! You can speak with a consultant in real-time about your writing concerns. Email your paper ahead of time so your consultant can have the document in front of him/her during the session. See our make an appointment page for more information about preparing for an online session.

When is an online consultation a good option?

 1) You have internet access and basic computer knowledge.
2) You are taking an online class and live outside the Greater Kansas City area.
3) You can't spare travel time to visit us on campus.
4) You are past the brainstorming stage and have a product to discuss with a tutor.
5) You are curious about online consultations and simply have questions!

When is an in-person consultation the best option?

 1) You are on campus regularly and have time between, before, or after classes.
2) You are beginning to work on your assignment and have many materials (assignment sheets, notes, outlines, etc.) to show a writing tutor.
3) You don't have access to a computer, are unsure about using the technology required for online meetings, or would prefer to meet face-to-face with your consultant.

How can I make an online appointment?

To make an appointment for an online consultation, call (816) 235-1146 during business hours. You may also email us requesting an appointment. Then email your paper to and indicate your name and appointment time/date in the email.

If I email my paper to you, will you correct it and send it back?

The short answer is no. Online consultations are designed to focus on process not product; we want to make you a better writer and develop solid writing skills for future projects. Our philosophy is to work with you, not for you. If you do not have the technology for Zoom tutoring, you can schedule an email session; even then we will not make all of the corrections for you, but will review and comment on your paper. See our make an appointment information page for more info about email consultations.

Why do you need my UMKC SSO and other personal information for online sessions?

The Writing Studio and the University are interested in data that shows to what extent students are utilizing the Writing Studio. Information about the writers using our services also helps us think about how we can improve the Writing Studio. One way we collect such data is by having students log in and out of sessions. For online sessions, our consultants will need your SSO to log you in and out of your session.


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