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The RooWriter, a diagnostic reading and writing assessment, has been implemented as of Fall 2013 for all undergraduate students.


The RooWriter is an online assessment, in which you write an essay, designed to give you direct feedback on your academic reading and writing. The feedback will help you engage in a wide variety of critical analyses of discourse. Unlike the previous writing assessment, the WEPT, the RooWriter will not result in a pass/fail grade; a critical assessment of your essay will be composed by RooWriter Evaluators and provided to you.


You can take the RooWriter online at any time and place you have access to the internet, over a 72 hour period. To take the RooWriter, visit the RooWriter website. You'll need to log in with your SSO and password for UMKC accounts and follow the steps listed there.


You must take the RooWriter at least once as a mandatory UMKC undergraduate graduation requirement. The first time you take the RooWriter after passing Discourse II (English 225 for students under the old general education requirements) will satisfy the University requirement. Also, if your major is in the College of Arts and Sciences (A&S), you must take the RooWriter in order to be eligible to enroll in A&S WI (Writing Intensive) classes. You may take the RooWriter as a personal diagnostic as many times as you like during your UMKC undergraduate career.


The criteria for assessing student performance on the RooWriter are based on the criteria used to assess student reading, writing, and discourse analysis in the new 30-hour University-wide General Education Program. Additional information about the RooWriter is available on its website.


The Writing Studio is not affiliated with the RooWriter. For more information, visit the RooWriter website or contact the Coordinator of Writing Assessment at


RooWriter-Related Services

Onsite Consultations

All of the consultants at the Writing Studio are trained to help students with a RooWriter essay. You can schedule an appointment with a consultant to get more information about the RooWriter, check a thesis statement, go over an argument, etc. Consultants are happy to help writers at all stages of the writing process, from brainstorming to reviewing a complete draft for revision.


To help students understand what Evaluators are looking for in a RooWriter essay, the Writing Studio provides several workshops during which consultants explain what is required of students. For a list of RooWriter workshops, please visit our Workshops page.

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