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UMKC is a campus full of diverse, busy students, and at the Writing Studio we understand that traveling to campus for a writing session is not always possible. As an alternative, you can seek advice electronically from your home via Skype or email. All online consultations are by appointment only and, as with in-person consultations, are restricted to a 50-minute session.

If this is your first time using our online services, please read our FAQ section to get started. Online services are available to UMKC students, faculty, and staff online.

Onsite session

Email session

WebEx session

Onsite Session

Schedule a one-with-one appointment at one of our Volker campus locations. You must have an active Single Sign-On (SS0) to access the schedule and make appointments. Onsite consultations are also available to community members.

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Email Session


Email sessions offer you the convenience of having your paper reviewed without having to come on campus. Email sessions are scheduled for 50 minutes, and a Writing Studio consultant will give you both broad and specific commentary about the content of your paper. We'll focus on concerns related to expressing ideas and building arguments, such as structure, organization, flow, and thesis. We won't be proofreading for every misspelled word or misplaced comma, but we do want to help you become a better editor of your work so we'll be sure to point out recurring grammatical and punctuation issues that might cause some readers to stumble. We'll do this by giving you tips about how to identify and self-correct them in the future.

When UMKC classes are in session, you can expect to receive a response from a writing consultant within three business days. Submit your paper here.

If your web browser asks you something along the lines of "Do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely?" select no. Answering no will ensure the webpage is displayed correctly.

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WebEx Session

The Writing Studio offers online appointments through WebEx, a program that allows writers to meet with a consultant online.

Think about a WebEx appointment like an in person session in the Writing Studio—you should expect to spend that time talking with the consultant, giving your full attention to a conversation about your writing. You’ll also need to have your webcam ready to go so we can see you, which allows for better communication.

To schedule a WebEx session, first email the Writing Studio with three (or more) possible dates and times for your appointment and attach your project as a .doc, .rtf, or .pdf file. You should also put “ONLINE” in the subject line of your email. We’ll response within one business day to confirm your online appointment. You can also call the Writing Studio to schedule your online appointment if you prefer to go that route, but you’ll still need to send your draft ahead of time.

When it’s time for your appointment, you’ll access WebEx using the instructions below. If it’s your first time using WebEx, please log on a few minutes early to download the plug-in, try out the interface, and make sure your webcam and audio are working. Planning ahead/practicing the technology will allow for a better experience for you.

1.       Follow this URL:

2.       Log in with your UMKC SSO and password.

3.       WebEx may ask you to download an add-on for your browser. This should just take a few seconds.

4.       You should be able to see and hear video from the writing consultant you’re working with. Be sure to share your video and audio, too, so you can participate in a conversation with the writing consultant.

Share your video by clicking the Film icon on the right hand side of the WebEx interface and your audio by clicking on the “Connect to Audio” on the left hand side.  

5.       There’s also a chat function you can use if you and the consultant find that helpful. It’s especially useful as you’re getting started sharing audio and video. 

6.       As long as you emailed your draft in, the writing consultant will have it and will “share” their screen. However, it may not be a bad idea to have your draft already pulled up on your computer, just in case.

If you have question about setting up an appointment over WebEx, please contact the Writing Studio at (816) 235-1146 or 

If you need help troubleshooting WebEx, please contact the UMKC Call Center at 816-235-2000.



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Need feedback when the Writing Studio isn’t open? Whether you are a campus-based student or a web-based student, not everyone can make it to campus and use our tutoring services. UMKC has partnered with NetTutor to offer tutoring online seven days a week. NetTutor is currently being piloted in many UMKC courses and with a variety of subjects. You can communicate with live tutors via chat, audio, or audio/video connection. For more information and to access NetTutor, visit


NOTE: If none of these session options meet your needs, please contact the Writing Studio at (816) 235-1146 during business hours to discuss alternatives.



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