Senate Committees

Updated: June 25, 2014

Faculty Senate Executive Committee

Name Unit Term
Kathleen Kilway College of A & S 2013-2014
Carole McArthur Dentistry 2013-2016
Buddy Pennington Libraries 2013-2015
Nancy Stancel Libraries 2011-2014
Peggy Ward-Smith Nursing & Health Sciences 2013-2016

Faculty Welfare Committee

Name Unit Term
Karen Bame Biological Sciences 2013-2016
Lynn Friesen Dentistry 2013-2015
Randy Gardner, Chair Bloch 2013-2015
Kathleen Schweitzberger Libraries 2013-2014
Sue Sykes Berry Libraries 2013-2015

Academic Issues Committee

Name Unit Term

Bonita Butner


Orisa Igwe


 Steven Krantz

Nursing & Health Sciences

Jennifer Lundgren,

College of A & S

Cynthia Petrie,


Cristy Roberts,

Nursing & Health Sciences

Nancy Weatherholt


Connie White Dentistry

Marilyn Yoder

Biological Sciences

Administrative Issues Committee

Name Unit Term
An-Lin Cheng Nursing & Health Sciences 2012-2015
Carrie Hanson Dentistry 2012-2014
Anil Kumar, co-Chair Pharmacy 2012-2015
Buddy Pennington, co-Chair Libraries 2013-2015

Faculty Senate Budget Committee

Name Unit Term
Jimmy Adegoke Biological Sciences
Mostafa Z. Badr Pharmacy
Wayne Brown Pharmacy
James Durig College of A & S
Laurie Ellinghausen College of A & S
David Hermanns Medicine
Lyla Lindholm Nursing & Health Sciences
Anthony Luppino, Chair Law
Ken Mitchell Computing & Engineering
Wael S. Mourad Medicine
Buddy Pennington Libraries
Michael Plamann Biological Sciences
Sully Read Biological Sciences
Roger Pick Bloch
Ravinder Earla Pharmacy
Chris Rice Dentistry
James Snell Conservatory
Michael Song Bloch
Jakob H. Waterborg Biological Sciences

Committee on Organizational Structure and Community Outreach (COSCO)

Name Unit Term

Cindi Ernst

Law Library

Eloise Rathbone-McCuan

College of A & S

Ken Schmitz


General Education Curriculum Committee

Committee information available at:

Committee on Research Integrity

Name Unit Term

Mark Hoffman, PhD


Kathleen Kilway

College of A & S

Cindy Russell

 Nursing & Health Sciences

Appie Van de Liefvoort

Computing & Engineering