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Documents & Forms for the UMKC Community

This section is a quick resource for Constitutions, Bylaws, Standards and Expectations, and other campus resources.

Each social fraternity or sorority is required to obtain and maintain an insurance policy of a minimum of 1 million dollars. Proof of insurance, including the amount and name of insurer must be submitted by the 3rd week of the academic year.

FSC Constitution/Bylaws (PDF)

Standards and Expectations (PDF)


Standards and Expectations Evaluation (PDF)

Roster Card (PDF)

Academic Plan Ideas (PDF)

Officer's Manual (PDF)

History (PDF)


FSA Faculty, Staff, and Alumni Newsletter(PDF)


Panhellenic Council:

Panhellenic Fall 2012 Look-back! (PDF)

Panhellenic Constitution (PDF)

Panhellenic Bylaws (PDF)

Panhellenic Officer Application (PDF)

It’s all Panhellenic to me… (PDF)

Panhellenic recruitment rules (PDF)

Rho Gamma application (PDF)


National Pan-Hellenic Council:

Constitution (PDF)

Aspiration Verification Form (DOC)


Interfraternity Council


2011 Recruitment Rules

IFC Officer Application (PDF)


General Resources:

Membership Intake Policy (DOC)

Notice of Intention to Conduct Membership Intake (DOC)

Anti-Hazing Compliance Form (DOC)

FERPA - Parent Information (PDF)

Officer Transitions (PDF)

FIPG Revised 08 (PDF)


Advisors Resources:

Advising Tips from FSA (PDF)

How To Survice And Be Happy Though Surrounded By College Students (PDF)

Helpful Links:

Student Involvement Office


Activity and Program Council

Leadership and Service



Calendar of Events

Association of Fraternity Advisors

National Panhellenic Conference

National Pan-Hellenic Council

North-American Interfraternity Council

The Association of Fraternal Leadership and Values


UMKC Risk Management:

Safety Report

Student Health and Wellness

UMKC Alert


UMKC Safety Resources workerscomp/safetyprograms.asp




Center for Academic Development

Academic Probation

Career Services

Supplemental Instruction

Writing Center

Additional Info:

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