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How do I take the FERPA course?

  1. Log on to Blackboard with your SSO
  2. In the Organization Search box on the left, type "FERPA" and click Go.
    FERPA Search Box
  3. It should pull up the "FERPA Training" course (the Organization ID is REST-UMKC-ORG-REGREC-FERPA-SP2008)
  4. Click on the arrows at the end of the Organization ID and select "Enroll"
    FERPA Enroll
  5. Click on Submit to confirm
  6. Click on OK, you will be taken to the FERPA Training course main page
  7. Click on the Assignments button in the left-hand menu
  8. Read through the assignments and take the practice quizzes
  9. You must take the Final Exam at the bottom of the page and get a score of 35 out of 50 in order to pass. (Click on the words, "REQUIRED: FERPA Final Exam" to take the exam)
  10. Once you have passed, your score will be automatically sent to the Registration and Records Office and you will receive a confirmation e-mail when your Pathway access is available.
  11. If you are an instructor, you will automatically be granted instructor access to Pathway.
  12. If you need non-instructor access, you must complete the Pathway Access Request form.
  13. The setup process after taking the FERPA test can take 1-2 business days. You will receive an email confirmation when your Pathway access is available.




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