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As a member of the Kansas City Area Student Exchange (KCASE), UMKC offers full-time undergraduate students an opportunity to register for one course a semester at another institution.

KCASE students pay regular tuition and fees at UMKC and laboratory/special course fees at their host institution.

The KCASE program is designed to offer students the opportunity to take courses of interest that are not offered at UMKC. Students should not plan to fulfill degree requirements through KCASE. However, approval to do so may be granted in exceptional circumstances.

Participating KCASE institutions, click here

Avila University

Blue River Community College

Kansas City Art Institute

Longview Community College

Maple Woods Community College

Park University

Penn Valley Community College

Rockhurst University

William Jewell College

For student requirements for a KCASE course, click here

  • Enrollment in at least 12 hours at the home institution during the semester that the KCASE course is taken
  • 2.0 cumulative grade point average
  • Approval of the academic dean or his/her designated representative to participate in KCASE
  • Applied music, business, computer science, continuing education, engineering, health sciences, and special topics courses are excluded from this agreement

    Students are expected to attend courses according to the host institution's academic calendar. KCASE is not available as an option to students during the summer term.

Procedure for UMKC students taking a course at a participating school, click here

  1. Obtain a KCASE approval form from the Registration and Records office or by clicking here to print one.
  2. Concurrent enrollment at another institution must be approved by your academic unit. Therefore, forms must be signed by the student's academic dean's office. Depending on your academic unit, this may require a written petition. We recommend initiating this process at least six weeks prior to the start of the term.
  3. After approval, this form must be delivered to the UMKC Student Exchange Coordinator in the Registration & Records office, 115 Administrative Center, for final enrollment verification. The student will then be given the official KCASE program form to take to the host institution.
  4. The student then participates in the formal registration process at the host institution. This may include applying for admission and registering in classes. Registration must be completed by the end of the first week of class.
  5. Students must request a transcript be sent from the host institution in order to receive credit at UMKC for any courses taken through KCASE.

Procedure for students from a participating school taking a course at UMKC, click here

  1. Obtain the official KCASE program form with approved signatures from your home institution.
  2. Bring the form to the UMKC Admissions office to complete a "Visiting Student" application. Doretta Kidd, associate director of admissions, signs off on the KCASE program form. The UMKC Admissions office will notify the UMKC Cashiers and Collections Office and the UMKC Financial Aid Office to adjust the appropriate fees on the account and apply the KCASE scholarship to cover the Educational Fees for one course.  Please note that the student remains responsible for the Information Technology fee and any course fees associated wit the class that they are taking as a KCASE student at UMKC.
  3. Once the student is admitted, he or she will need to register in the class, just like any other UMKC student, by visiting the Registration and Records office or registering online. Registration must be completed by the end of the first week of class.
  4. At the end of the term, the Registration and Records office will automatically send a transcript to the home institution.


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