eCommerce at UMKC

eCommerce Overview:


UMKC constituents interested in developing an ecommerce based application/website/form have two different solutions they can choose from.



RegOnline is a third party software provider that the University has established an agreement with, and is approved by Information Services. Here are some of the features associated with RegOnline.



  • Quick turnaround on form creation and deployment
  • Social Networking tools
  • Ability to login and generate your own reports
  • Admin area
  • Membership Management and more.


Please also see: Pricing Considerations



Custom Websites/Forms:

Information Services Internal Applications can assist you with creating a custom website or form for your needs. Turnaround times for development depend on current workload and form complexity.



  • Ability to implement complex logic based forms.
  • Site is hosted on UMKC's ecommerce server.
  • For constitutents with existing merchant accounts, funds can be deposited directly into the account.
  • Admin area
  • Custom Reports


Please also see: Pricing Considerations