Apartment Search Resources

Navigating an apartment search as a student can be a stressful and financially draining experience. As you prepare to move, it’s important to understand all the potential costs.

Looking to Rent an Apartment?


Quick tips

  • Test your budget— If your new apartment or home will be more expensive than your current living arrangement, give your new budget a test drive. Place the additional amount you would spend on rent, utilities and other fees into a savings account and live on what is left. If the budget feels tight during the test run, you may want to consider more affordable housing. Also, plan for the cost of moving out and moving in. 
  • Stay organized — When looking at apartments or homes, details can start to run together. Keep a record of each place you visit along with details about the rent, fees, location, and contact information.
  • Ask questions and look at details — Make a list of questions to ask during each apartment visit. Questions may vary based on your individual circumstances, but should touch on topics like parking, rent, guest policies, amenities, utility fees and maintenance requests. As you tour apartments, pay attention to the small details. How is the shower water pressure? Are there enough outlets for your needs? Is there sufficient lighting? These details often get overlooked but may have a significant impact on your day to day enjoyment of a space.
  • Set expectations early — If you are moving into an apartment with roommates or a partner, discuss the division of expenses and chores early on. These discussions ensure you will be compatible and help you avoid uncomfortable discussions later. Plan to revisit the arrangements a month or a few months into living together to see if anything should be adjusted. Also, note that if you and you roommates share a joint lease, each of you is fully responsible for rent if the other tenants don't pay.



  • UMKC Off Campus Housing — Apartment listings, roommate matching and sublease opportunities for UMKC students
  • Tenant handbooks — Legal rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants in Missouri and Kansas. If you have a legal issue related to your landlord or housing, you may be able to get assistance through the UMKC Law School Self-Help Clinic.
  • UMKC Roommate Resources — Initially designed for on-campus living, this guide gives great recommendations for roommates in any living situation.
  • UMKC Basic Needs — Find support for emergency housing needs.

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