On the Health Sciences Campus at UMKC, InterProfessional Education, or IPE, is an important learning tool. It brings together students from the Schools of Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing and Health Studies, and Pharmacy, and places them in learning activities focused on team-based patient care.



To promote excellence in health care through interprofessional education, collaborative practice, scholarship and service. UMKC will achieve this with focus on the Triple Aim of healthcare emphasizing patient safety and individual and population health outcomes.


UMKC will shape the future of healthcare through high quality interprofessional learning experiences, create a culture of shared educational practice, teach and demonstrate standards for patient-centered, team-based collaborative care, and become a leader in developing interprofessional education programs that enhance patient-centered care.


Implement IPEC Core Competencies into the UMKC Health Sciences Programs

Incorporate the Core Competencies of IPEC across the continuum of health professions education at UMKC to promote high quality, safe, patient-centered, collabortive, and evidence-based care.

  • Develop and implement a three-year required curriculum in IPE across all health professional programs to meet program accreditation requirements.
  • Develop the IPE curriculum to include the IPEC competencies and objectives for the domains of: Roles and Responsibilities, Ethics and Values, Interprofessional Communication and Teams and Teamwork.
  • Develop activities that are integrated within individual program courses and objectives across the health sciences.
  • Ensure that IPEC competencies are mapped to individual program competencies.
  • Review evaluations by students and faculty to modify and ensure we develop valuable educational experiences for programs that meet IPE goals and objectives.
  • Develop activities that promote community engagement and opportunities for interprofessional teams of students to meet patient care needs for the community.


Develop New Collaborative Learning Environments at UMKC

Create innovative learning environments that support IPE at UMKC including use of state-of-the-art technology, use of clinical skills and simulation strategies, novel team-based service components, and creative solutions to institutional and accreditation barriers.

  • Develop and implement Curriculum and Assessment IPE activities in Simulation, gaming, online learning, use of health information technology and software that incorporates Teams and Teamwork for the interprofessional teams of students.
  • Further develop  the interprofessional collaboration of faculty working groups in all areas of IPE: Curriculum and Assessment, Global Health, Research, Diversity, Hospital Hill Student Leadership Committee and Service Learning.
  • Identify opportunities to combine other courses with similar objective between health professional programs such as Ethics, Communication, Patient Safety and Medical Terminology and encourage the use of state of the art technology to bring diverse learners together.
  • Work toward team-based community service  experiences  for the interprofessional teams of students linked back to required clinical coursework and/or research projects.
  • Advocate for similar accreditation standards across the health sciences.
  • Promote Living-Learning environments for student engagement.


Seek and Secure Resources to Sustain Productive IPE Efforts at UMKC

Encourage interprofessional teamwork for intramural and extramural grant awards to promote IPE at UMKC, and incorporate IPE teaching, service, and scholarly activities into criteria for faculty and staff rewards.

  • Seek UMKC Administrative commitment to fund and support a physical office in IPE for the UMKC campus to include but not limited to:
    • a 0.5 FTE clinical faculty to coordinate activities across the campus and health sciences
    • a full-time Administrative Assistant to coordinate communication and scheduling across programs.
    • support for website development and dissemination of information within the University of Missouri-Kansas City community of faculty, staff and students.
    • a single communication system for all faculty and staff across the UMKC health professions  campus.
  • Seek and secure funding to enhance simulation space and information technology to support state of the art Interprofessional Collaborative work.
  • Develop within UMKC and the health science schools, a commitment for funding for projects advancing IPE activities, research and service.
  • Establish faculty promotion and tenure guidelines valuing interprofessional education activities and the support of IPE courses or electives; and establish staff evaluation guidelines supportive of IPE activities, research and service.
  • Continue the annual IPE Faculty Symposium  to increase Faculty Development.
  • Promote lunch CME, CEU awarded faculty development in IPE and communicate to faculty across all Health Professional Programs.