Our Committment

UMKC Human Resources is committed to the university’s overall objective to attract, retain and reward highly qualified faculty and staff. Compensation exists to promote fair, equitable and competitive staff compensation policies, programs and practices that support management and the university’s mission.

To accomplish this, the compensation team provides these services.

Compensation Philosophy and Structure 

The approach to compensation at the university is to provide salary opportunities that are competitive with those of comparable organizations for jobs of similar responsibility and for which we compete for talent.

Global Grading System

Position Classification

Position classification or grading is the process in which jobs of a common nature with similar duties and responsibilities are grouped together for the purposes of assignment to an appropriate pay range.

Since position classification focuses on the specific duties and responsibilities of each position, the quality of performance, the quantity of work, the status of an employee or information relative to the employee’s length of service or current salary are not considered in the classification process. In other words, the process of job evaluation focuses on the characteristics of the job itself and not on the individual occupying the position classified in the job.


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