Partner with MIDE


MIDE is interested in working with small businesses and industry partners to develop technologies that meet identified needs for both defense and public markets. By harnessing the strengths of each partner, these collaborations can take several forms to enable innovative solutions and products. To learn more about partnering with MIDE, contact us.


MIDE conducts R&D to provide technological solutions for problems faced by Department of Defense and other federal agencies such as NASA, NSF, NEH, NIH, and more. Our role is to develop technologies and engage in research that contributes to the body of knowledge and provides opportunities for students to get hands-on experience and workforce development skills and expertise. To learn more about partnering with MIDE, contact us.


We support collaborative research at universities across the United States and offer opportunities for partnering with academic and not-for-profit institutions. Whether it is an exciting research center idea or a proposal collaboration, we would love to collaborate with your organization. To learn more about partnering with MIDE, contact us.


A key component of MIDE’s mission and the mission of UMKC is the transfer of technology to government and industry entities. This technology transfer ensures that both public and private markets have access to innovative technical advancements and strengthens business competitiveness in the world economy. To learn more about Technology Transfer at MIDE UMKC, visit us here.