Program Expectations

Students in the Professional Career Escalators program will participate in five core experiences throughout each semester.

Program Structure

Industry Focus Areas

No matter your major, Professional Career Escalators can show you how the courses you're passionate about can translate into interesting career opportunities in one of four growing industries: health care, education, business and engineering, and law and justice.

Five core experiences

Each semester, you will participate in the five  Professional Career Escalators Core Experiences:

  1. Career guidance and development
  2. Experiential learning opportunities
  3. Mentoring with faculty experts and community professionals
  4. Graduate and professional school preparation
  5. Leadership development (Bonus: Students have the option to take a deep-dive into their leadership development through Leadership+)

Optional Leadership+ Programming

The Professional Career Escalators Leadership+ program allows students to go more in-depth in their leadership development by taking their skills to the next level. Students in the program will:

  • Take a deeper dive into various leadership topics
  • Develop an understanding of their strengths as leaders
  • Explore their emotional intelligence
  • Put their leadership into action both on campus and within their communities

The Leadership+ program will provide space for reflection and an opportunity for students to share their leadership portfolio at the conclusion of the program.

Time Commitment of Program

Each year the time commitment will be similar, but the emphasis in each of the core experiences will shift as you get closer to graduation. Note: Checklist requirements are subject to change. View examples of what your first year in the program may look like.

First-time college students year 1 requirements (PDF)

Transfer students year 1 requirements (PDF)