Registration and Records

Getting access to Pathway

First, get an active appointment in the Human Resources database, click here

  • You must have an active appointment in the Human Resources database to be given instructor or staff access to Pathway. As part of this process, you will be assigned an employee ID number.
  • The HR facilitator in your academic unit must submit a paper application for your HR appointment.
  • This form must be signed by the instructor/faculty member before they can be submitted. If the instructor is a volunteer and will not be getting compensation from the University, and if they will be asked to assign grades or access other areas of the Pathway Student Information System or the Blackboard e-learning system, they will still need to get a faculty appointment and EMPLID.

Second, you must have an active Single Sign-on (SSO) in the University of Missouri System, click here.

  • The HR facilitator in your academic unit must submit the signed SSO account request form to the Human Resources office.
  • The HR office will forward a copy of the SSO form to the Information Services Call Center for the setup of your SSO account and mailbox.
  • The Call Center will notify the IT Liaison for your academic unit of the new account and opening password.
  • The IT Liaison will contact the instructor/faculty member with this information.

Third, you must pass the Final Exam of the FERPA course in myLearn, click here

  1. Log on to myLearn with your SSO.
  2. On the myLearn page enter “FERPA” into the search box and click the search glass icon
  3. The search results panel will show the course; FERPA for Higher Education. Click the LAUNCH icon. Read the information contained in the module and complete all three sections.
  4. Once you complete the training, your results will be graded and recorded. You must get a passing grade (80% or greater) in order to qualify as FERPA-compliant and be eligible to receive a sign-on ID to enter the Pathway system. After you successfully complete the training the myLearn system will record a certificate of completion. The completion certificate can be viewed by using the pull down menu on the Launch button and selecting View Certificate
Faculty and instructors:

You must be officially listed as the instructor in Pathway, click here

You must be listed as the instructor of record on the Schedule of Classes to have access to the Class Roster and Grade Roster for a class. The request to be added as the instructor of record must come from the designated scheduling representative in your department.

Blackboard access for instructors, click here

In order to be able to log-in to Blackboard as an instructor and see the class(es) you are teaching, two things need to happen:

1. You must have an active instructor appointment in the HR database and an active SSO. This will allow you to log-on to Blackboard and take the required FERPA exam. (See more specific instructions for HR and SSO requirements above.)

2. You will need to be listed as the instructor of record in Pathway to have access to a specific class in Blackboard. Click here for more information on Blackboard.

Advisors and other staff:

You must complete the Pathway Access Request Form indicating the type of access to Pathway you need.

Pathway Access Request Form, click here

An employee needing access to Pathway to view student records or other information (not related to teaching responsibilities) must complete the Pathway Access Request Form and have the form signed by the head of their department or unit. Completed forms can be faxed or mailed to the Registration and Records office.

Types of Pathway access, click here

If there is another current staff member who has the type of access needed, you can indicate on the form to "Copy {insert user's SSO} access."

Academic Advising Role

This is our most comprehensive access to student records and includes admission, academic records, and personal information on applicants, current, and former students. It includes the ability to add and remove service indicators and information on classes scheduled and class rosters. For most academic advisors and administrative assistants in academic departments, this role is sufficient, although you may choose to add the following role:

  • Permission Numbers
    If a class requires consent, one person in each department has been designated to have access to input permission for individual students to register for specific "consent required" sections.

Department Chair

This role is designed for a department chair who does not have advising responsibilities. In addition to some basic student record information, this role also has access to view the grade rosters for all classes in his/her department.

Class Search

This role is designed for the staff member who has class scheduling responsibilities, but does not need access to student records. It includes view access to the Catalog of courses and the Schedule of Classes.

Service Indicators

This role is designed to give a staff member access to add and remove service indicators (holds), but not have access to other student record information.

Basic Student Inquiry

This role is designed to allow staff members to view the catalog and class search, and individual student's names, address, phone numbers, and directory information. This role does not include class schedules or grade information on individual students.

Learning Management

This role is designed to allow student service departments on campus to tell if a student is currently enrolled and assist the student in utilizing the various student services available to them.


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