Staff Council Committees

There are various subcommittees to help achieve the goals of Staff Council. Each have various meeting schedules and initiatives. You do not have to be a voting member of Staff Council to participate.


The mission of the UMKC Staff Council Communications Committee is to develop, identify and enhance the means of communication for staff. The Communications Committee is available to provide assistance and support to all committees in efforts to achieve the goals of Staff Council.


  • Vice Chair - Amanda Campbell
  • Members - Shay Duncan, Alia Krzyzanowski, Richard Martinez, Robin Sommer, Marilyn Turbush, Heidi Updike, Kaitlyn West, Hilary Yager

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The mission of the UMKC Staff Council Staff Engagement Committee is to recognize employees for their contributions to the university and show appreciation for dedicated service and foster a workplace of choice by developing, supporting and implementing events and programs. As well as to conceive and coordinate inclusive events that celebrate and recognize the employees of UMKC. Though they assist with all events that Staff Council has throughout the year, their signature event is the UMKC Staff Appreciation Picnic that occurs during Staff Appreciation Week.


  • Co-Chairs - Yolanda Branch and Marilyn Turbush
  • Members - Sarah Bigge, Casey Davison, Rachel Forester, Dylan Green, Alisha Langham, Andre Logan, Jennifer Lyles, Brianna Portmann, Madeline Rislow, Julie Smith

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Our mission is to promote the university’s key mission areas and visibility by positive engagement between the university and the broader community through service and collaboration. We accomplish this by planning volunteer opportunities for our fellow staff on campus and in our community. We encourage members to come with new project ideas.


  • Co-Chairs - Destiny Delgado Peterson and Laura Moore
  • Members - Nate Addington, Harry Brewster, Cherie Burton, Jill Folsom, Tim Gormly, Sarah Hartwig, Rachel Hughes, Kim Kushner, Andre Logan, Youssef Mekawy, William Sanders, Jye Shafer, Janey Stephens

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Professional Development

The mission of the UMKC Staff Council Professional Development Committee is to respond to the needs of staff by providing opportunities that contribute to strengthening skills, expanding knowledge and developing both personal and professional excellence in advancement.


  • Co-Chairs - Jeina Kummer and Sarah Richardson
  • Members - Abigail Birkett, Jennifer Burrus, Rachel Forester, Helene Houston-Reed, Michael Knabel, Jessica Pearson, Kaitlyn York, Anna Zimmerman

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UMKC and UM System Representation

One of the key roles of all members of Staff Council is to represent staff and communicate the needs and concerns of UMKC staff to the rest of campus and within the larger University of Missouri System (UM System). If you have questions about any of the issues that are currently being covered in these committees, feel free to reach out to the Staff Council representative serving on that committee.

Chancellor's Diversity Council

Meeting Details: Dedicated to cultivating an environment of civility and respect; providing a diverse learning environment; recruiting and retaining a diverse campus community; and promoting collective ownership of diversity initiatives across the campus.

Karen King

Faculty Senate

Represents the voice of the faculty and establishes an effective vehicle for the needs and concerns of the faculty to be presented for discussion and debate.

Jennifer Burrus
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University Budget Committee

Advises university leadership on resource allocation to meet strategic goals and ensure fiduciary responsibility.

Amanda Campbell

Administrative Council

Made up of extended campus leadership. Serves to discuss campus wide initiatives and receive input from leaders.

Julie Myer

Intercampus Staff Advisory Council (SAC)

Meeting Details: The UM Intercampus Staff Advisory Council (UM-ISAC) was formed by the University of Missouri System President in January 2000 to advise the president on matters of mutual interest and to serve as an information and liaison medium for employees and administrative offices on such matters as may be referred to the Council, as the Council initiates, or as UM employees may request.

Julie Myer
Amanda Campbell
Karen King

Staff Community Groups

Staff Council also hosts Staff Community Groups. These groups are a great way for you to connect with your peers on related interests. You can also create your own Staff Community Group to foster your own community among your colleagues!

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