Teja Fuller

Practicum Student


Teja Fuller is a military veteran, and she recently obtained her master’s in clinical psychology from Kansas City University (KCU). She is currently continuing her education journey with KCU, while pursuing her doctorate in the same field. She currently holds a postgraduate certification in substance misuse and addictions counseling as well as a postgraduate cert in clinical mental health counseling from Capella University. Teja’s approach to psychotherapy is an integrative approach that combines narrative-based therapy techniques with play therapy in both direct and non-direct forms, as well as recreational therapeutic interventions. Her rationale behind her methodology focuses on incorporating the art of story-telling that is commonly found within various cultural groups, into therapy as a form of processing and a space for healing. Additionally, the use of play and recreational techniques can often encourage natural story-telling abilities, as well as assisting in building meaningful relationships by creating a safe and supportive environment in and out of therapy.

Teja enjoys working with diverse populations particularly those with relational concerns, anxiety, depression, veteran groups, autism, ADHD, trauma, and adjustment concerns. Outside of therapy, Teja enjoys music, painting, museums, cooking, coffee, crafting, dancing, sewing, and hanging out with her family.