Environmental Health and Safety

Chemical Safety

The Chemical Safety office responds to issues involving the use, storage and disposal of hazardous substances at UMKC.

  • By incorporating the use of both a bar coding system to inventory and track materials and a reactive compatibility grouping system as a reliable safety measure, the staff oversees over 400 laboratories and has recorded over 5000 hazardous materials audits in the last 10 years.
  • We provide Emergency Response efforts for chemical spills of hazardous materials.
  • The Chemical Management Plan (pdf), developed in cooperation with Region 7 EPA, is the university handbook of laboratory safety. The Plan contains the approved treatment protocols for laboratory neutralization of accepted hazardous materials.



Hazardous Materials Unit Contacts

School of Biology

John Bollin

Campus Facilities Management

Velda Robins

Department of Chemistry

Josie Maningat

School of Dentistry

Gary Wauthier

School of Computing and Engineering

Bud Kettner

School of Medicine

Tim Quinn

School of Pharmacy

J. Casey Ramsey


> Characteristics of Hazardous Wastes: (Corrosives, Ignitability, Reactivity, Toxicity) and the Hazardous Chemical lists (pdf)

> Chemical Management and Treatment Protocols (pdf)

> Exempt Product Categories list (pdf)

> Hazardous Chemical Incompatibility list (pdf)

> Homeland Security Chemicals of Interest list (pdf)

> Standard Recommendations for Correcting Common Discrepancies (pdf)


> Chemical Pickup form and instructions (pdf)

> EHS Audit checklist (pdf)

> Hazardous Chemical Waste Tag (pdf)

> Hazardous Materials Inventory Summary form (pdf)

> Surplus or Disposal of Equipment form

Contact information

Tony Brown

Senior Environmental Chemist
Phone: 816-235-1642
Pager: 816-435-9833
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Kelly Gant

Coordinator of Hazardous Materials
Phone: 816-235-6697
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Crisanne Randazzo

Administrative Associate II
Phone: 816-235-5241
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