Environmental Health and Safety

Workers' Compensation and Risk Management

We are the campus contact for the University's self-insured workers' compensation program.

Submit all forms to UMKC Risk Management at

 fax #  235-6559


Accident/Incident Reporting

We coordinate the reporting of accidents and incidents that may become claims against the University and disseminate information and instructions regarding the policies and procedures for accident and incident reporting.


Employee Injuries


Student, General Public Injury or Property Loss (UMUW Form 200)


University Property Damage (UMUW Form 69)


Theft of University Property (UMUW Form 155)


Vehicle Accidents (UMUW Form 5)



Campus Safety

Campus Safety provides a library of safety resources is maintained to assist departmental supervisors as they develop safety programs to address unsafe behaviors and practices within their departments. We also administer personal protective equipment programs including the respirator protection program, safety shoe program and the safety glasses program.


Building Evacuation Planning

Workstation Ergonomics

We are committed to developing loss control programs to limit the likelihood that an accident or incident will occur. Programs include computer workstation ergonomic assessments, 15-passenger van safety policy and supervisor safety development training.


Workstation Ergonomics


> CFM Safety News (Back Issues)

> Incident Management System Training (FEMA)

> Liability, Property and Accident Insurance Programs

> Tornado and Severe Weather Information

> Safety Video List

> University of Missouri 15-Passenger Van Use Guidelines


> Equipment Check Out Form

> Protective Eyewear Application

> Protective Footwear Application

> Student Travel Form

Contact information

Peter Maxwell

Phone: 816-235-5357

fax: 816-235-6559

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Crisanne Randazzo

Administrative Associate II
Phone: 816-235-5241

fax: 816-235-6559

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General Workers' Compensation Questions
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