Ask any of our 16,000+ students what they love about UMKC, and every person may give you a different answer.

We are the largest comprehensive, fully accredited university in the Kansas City area. Our faculty are leaders in their fields — and they're within reach. Our 14:1 student-to-faculty ratio means professors know their students' names and take mentorship seriously.

Our students come from all 50 states and 85+ countries, enriching our community with diverse perspectives. And with more than 125 academic areas, our students have a lot of opportunities to explore on their way to discovering and creating their perfect career.

We're at the heart of a thriving urban area, and the city's life and energy influence everything that happens here. We are Kansas City's university. And we can't wait for you to join us.

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Recognition and Rankings

We may be located in the heart of America, but UMKC faculty, staff and students are getting attention for the difference they're making worldwide.

  • 12 students named Fulbright Scholars since 2006
  • Named to the top 100 "green campuses" (Sierra Club)
  • 6 current UMKC faculty have received Guggenheim Fellowships
  • $43.7 million was awarded to UMKC research and related projects in FY 2018 as external grants

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Making Kansas City Stronger

At UMKC, we consider all of Kansas City to be our campus. Our ties to the community are essential to who we are as a university, and those relationships make us stronger every day.

  • Our alumni network is 135,000+ strong and growing
  • UMKC draws in talented people from around the world and brings millions of dollars in research funding into our local economy
  • 3,200+ local business clients benefit from UMKC outreach programs each year
  • Our clinical faculty, staff and students provide millions of dollars in dental, nursing, pharmaceutical and medical care annually
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Where We Began

UMKC got its start in 1930 with a gift from William Volker, a man fondly remembered for his generosity. His purchase of 40 acres just south of The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art became the UMKC Volker campus.

Six years later, 80 students became the first graduating class at UMKC. Now, we host more than a dozen commencement ceremonies each year to accommodate all of our graduates. Our history is one of partnerships and progress, expansion and education. 

Where We Are Heading

UMKC students are always looking to what's next, and so is our university. UMKC has an ambitious vision for the future. We hope you'll join us as we work to become the best university we possibly can.

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