Building a Model Public Urban Research University for the 21st Century

UMKC is committed to being a transformational force in our community, and in the world. We commit to providing:

  • Transformational undergraduate and graduate education.
  • Transformational solutions to grand challenges via discovery and applied research.
  • Transformational enhancements to social, cultural, health and economic prosperity.

UMKC’s Strategic Plan is the road map that we will follow on our journey to deliver these commitments. The foundation of the plan is the Missouri Compacts: unifying principles developed by the University of Missouri System to guide strategic planning at all four System universities.


Strategic Plan Pillars

The plan is also based on a single Foundational Commitment. We recognize that a university is not buildings. It is not books or computers or advanced technology or laboratories. A university is people, because without the right people, these tools cannot perform their proper function.

Therefore, the foundational commitment of the new strategic plan is to support the personal and professional development of our faculty and staff.

  1. Provide exceptional student learning, success and experience
  2. Advance a thriving discovery enterprise
  3. Transform our community and region with impactful engagement
  4. Foster an environment of inclusive opportunity and excellence
  5. Develop a strong and resilient people, process and physical infrastructure

Read the Strategic Plan

For an in-depth explanation of our pillars, along with goals, metrics and strategies, download and read our Strategic Plan for 2018-2028 in full. 

2018-2028 UMKC Strategic Plan (PDF)