Roo Advising brings consistency and equity to students and advisors. It focuses on providing students an exceptional advising experience. 

The Culture of Care guides our new advising practices. Roo Advising is a proactive, personalized and comprehensive advising experience. You will understand degree program requirements and have a clear path to graduation. You will also engage with Faculty Mentors to build a Career Plan. You will have one advisor who will be able to assist you with all your academic needs.

Your degree path will not change because of Roo Advising. It will not affect curriculum or degree plans at UMKC. Most students will remain assigned to their current academic advisor. Students near graduation will have comprehensive advising conversations to confirm all graduation requirements. They will also focus on career readiness for continued education or employment.

For now, most advisors will remain in their current office location. There may be a few advisors who will change office locations, but we expect those to be small in number. Current students and students admitted for summer and fall 2021 will see notifications through their university email or through messaging in UMKC Connect

How to find your advisor and schedule appointment