Academic advisors help UMKC increase graduation rates. Roo Advising manages advisor caseloads to ensure our success.
Roo Advising allows advisors to focus on delivering exceptional advising experiences. The student-advisor relationship is key in providing an exceptional advising experience for students. There may be some reassignments, but we will keep these minimal.
Each Major Academic Path (MAP) in Roo Advising will have a MAP Manager. Current UMKC staff hold the MAP Manager positions. As we move into Roo Advising, many advisors will have new supervisors.
Roo Advising will have a centralized location, per UMKC Master Plan discussions. For the time being, most advisors will remain in their current office locations. There may be a few advisors who change office locations, but they will be small in number.
All current students and admitted students for Summer and Fall 2021 will be notified of this change through their university email in addition to communication through UMKC Connect.