UMKC Catalog


Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene - Program Requirements

The dental hygiene program begins in August of each year and continues for two academic years with a summer session between years. For more information, contact the program director.

First Year      
Fall Semester  Hours
BMS 9701  Head and Neck Anatomy 2.0
DENT-HYG 3000  Dental Morphology2.0
DENT-HYG 3020  Dental Radiology 2.0
DENT-HYG 3080  Introduction to the Preventive Practice of Dental Hygiene 4.0
DENT-HYG 3080L  Pre-clinical Dental Hygiene2.0
DENT-HYG 3320  Oral Health Behavior Change 3.0
LS-PHYS 3070  Oral Physiology3.0
Total    18.0
Spring Semester   
DENT-HYG 3200  Histopathology 3.0
DENT-HYG 3210  Applied Biochemistry2.0
DENT-HYG 3220  Dental Biomaterials 2.0
DENT-HYG 3280C  Dental Hygiene Clinic I3.0
DENT-HYG 3285  Seminar In Dental Hygiene I 2.0
DENT-HYG 3260  Principles of Periodontics3.0
DENT-HYG 3300  Radiographic Interpretation 0.5
DENT-HYG 3340  Principles of Public Health2.0
Total    17.5
Second Year   
Summer Semester   
DENT-HYG 4020  Local Anesthesia 3.0
DENT-HYG 4060C  Dental Hygiene Clinic II2.0
DENT-HYG 4065  Seminar in Dental Hygiene II 1.0
Total   6.0
Fall Semester   
DENT-HYG 4050  Periodontics II 2.0
DENT-HYG 4080  Intro. To Research Design2.0
DENT-HYG 4100  Pharmacology 3.0
DENT-HYG 4120  Seminar in Dental Hygiene III2.0
DENT-HYG 4120C  Dental Hygiene Clinic III 4.0
DENT-HYG 4220  Community Oral Health Field Exp2.0
DENT-HYG 4400   Nutrition & Oral Health3.0
Total    18.0
Spring Semester   
DENT-HYG 4210  Practice Management 3.0
DENT-HYG 4240  Ethics & Jurisprudence1.0
DENT-HYG 4260  Senior Seminar 2.0
DENT-HYG 4260C  Dental Hygiene Clinice IV4.0
Electives (Select One)   
DENT-HYG 4320   Special Patient Care Practicum2-4
DENT-HYG 4330  Oncology Practicum 1-4
DENT-HYG 4340  Community Dentistry Practicum2-4
DENT-HYG 4350   Periodontal Therapy Practicum1-4
DENT-HYG 4380  Research Practicum 2-4
DENT-HYG 4660  Independent Study1-4
Total    12-15
Total Hours   70-73
A minimum of 124 semester hours is required for a bachelor's degree in dental hygiene.

The Division of Dental Hygiene reserves the privilege of making changes and improvements in course sequence and content to assure the best dental hygiene education for its students.