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Graduate Gerontology Certificate

With the rapid aging of the population along with the consequences this brings to nearly every sector of our lives it is important to prepare for this changed world.  A graduate gerontology certificate can be either a way to begin to explore a new career or it can bring added value to what one already does.  This eighteen-credit program can be taken either as a free-standing curriculum or in some cases integrated with a graduate degree program at UMKC.  Students from such diverse fields as social work, counseling, nursing, psychology, pharmacy, dental hygiene, sociology, law, architecture, and education have completed the certificate.  Students should contact the gerontology adviser to discuss enrollment and a plan of study.



Interdisciplinary Core
A&S 5500
Interdisciplinary Colloquium on Aging 3
Sociology Core (choose one)  
Sociology of Aging
SOCIOL 5554 Sociology of the Aging Woman 3
SOCIOL 5560 Sociology of Death and Dying 3
Psychology Core (choose one)  
PSCYH 5540 The Psychology of Aging 3
PSYCH 5543
Adult Development and Aging 3
Health/Biology Core    
A&S 5501B
ST: The Experience of Health in Aging (on-line) 3
Field Practicum    
A&S 5592 * Field Practicum in Aging 3
Elective Courses    
Electives **   3
 *The practicum requirement should be enrolled in after all other core requirements are completed.
**Three elective credit hours can be taken to complete the program. Students should contact the gerontology program director or consult the Center on Aging Studies website ( for a list of 3-credit semester-long courses and 1-credit special topics weekend electives for the upcoming semester.