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Degree Requirements

The department requirement for a major is 30 hours of political science. Only courses in which a grade of C- or better is earned will count towards the major. Additionally, a political science degree will be granted only to those who have achieved at least a 2.0 GPA in their approved departmental program.

Required Courses

Students must take the following political science courses:

At least 24 hours of political science coursework must be at the 300- to 400- level, and at least 12 hours must be earned at UMKC. Students transferring from other institutions should check as soon as possible to determine which of their credits will transfer as 300- to 400-level political science courses.

POL-SCI 210 and POL-SCI 220 should be taken as early as possible. Because there are optional ways for students to meet the remainder of the requirements for the major, students should meet with the department's undergraduate adviser to develop a program of study that suits their educational goals.

Political science majors are required to take at least one 300-400 level course in the first four of the following five subfields. Three additional (elective) courses may be taken in any subfield. Courses taken in the last subfield (Study Abroad Programs and Internships) normally will only count as elective credit, but may be counted as a required subfield course with the permission of the department adviser. Meet with the department's undergraduate adviser for more information.

American National Politics

Comparative Politics

International Relations

Political Theory

Study Abroad Programs and Internships

  • POL-SCI 491 Internship
  • POL-SCI 493 Study Abroad
  • Other courses specifically approved by the undergraduate adviser

Note: POL-SCI 497 and POL-SCI 498 will only satisfy subfield requirements when approved by the instructor and undergraduate adviser.