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Bachelor of Arts in Theatre - The main objective of the B.A. in Theatre is to...

The main objective of the B.A. in Theatre is to give students a broad education. The degree requirements for the B.A. in Theatre furnish our majors with a well-rounded education in all aspects of theatre. While the program is broad in its scope, it allows students the opportunity to develop specific areas of interest by choosing from one of three tracks.

General THEATRE Track

The general Theatre track is for students who want the flexibility to explore all areas of theatre. They can choose from a wide variety of courses including stage management, design, performance and playwriting.

Performance Track

Students interested in performance may select the performance track. Courses are geared toward students who want a professional career as an actor or want to prepare for placement in a top graduate program. Students receive instruction in voice, movement, acting, Shakespeare and specialty areas such as stage combat or physical theatre.

Design/Tech Track

The design/tech track offers students interested in areas of technical theatre and design the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to work in the professional theatre or attend a top graduate school. Within this track students might choose to emphasize a particular area of design. Students can focus their studies in scenic design, costume design, lighting design, sound design or stage management.

All Tracks

Production experience as well as internship opportunities give undergraduate theatre majors the chance to apply classroom theory to practical situations. Taking part as a crewmember, designer or performer in one of the departmental productions is an integral part of the theatre experience at UMKC. In a typical year there are two undergraduate productions in addition to as many as seven department productions, providing plenty of opportunity. The department also has relationships with many professional theatres. Internships and job opportunities frequently occur from these relationships.

Departmental Requirements - 48 plus 1-8 hours of Thea 403 (enroll each semester)

Required Courses - 30 plus 1-8 hours of Thea 403 (enroll each semester)

Track Requirements - 18 hours

Undergraduates can choose from the following tracks:

  • General Theatre
  • Performance
  • Design/Technology

Contact the Theatre Department for track requirements.

Minimum Grade Requirements

Students must get a grade of C (-) or above in required courses in the major.

Non-Departmental Requirements - six total hours

Six credits total in music and art (three hours each):

                    ART-HIST 110

                    CONSVTY 120 - Music Appreciation