UMKC Catalog


Master of Arts: Curriculum and Instruction - Elementary Emphasis

Total Hours Required 36

The following courses are required in addition to the core courses listed.

This emphasis is for elementary teachers or those teachers who are interested in gaining perspective on elementary strategies. It does not lead to elementary certification.

Curriculum in Basic Content                    Hours 
  (four courses required)
  EDUC-C&I 5504  Social Studies Curriculum         3
  EDUC-C&I 5506  Curriculum Design                 3
  EDUC-C&I 5522  Language Arts in the
  -or-             Elementary School               3
  EDUC-C&I 5523  Advanced Literature for Children  3
  EDUC-C&I 5531  Diagnosis and Remediation of
                   Math Learning Problems          3
  EDUC-C&I 5553  Curriculum and
                   Instruction in Science          3
Assessment (one course required)
  TCH-ED 5442        Classroom Observation             3
  EDUC-R&P 5522  Principles of Testing             3
  EDUC-C&I 5596  Classroom Assessment              3
  EDUC-R&P 5510  Child Development                 3
Curriculum (one course required)
  EDUC-C&I 5505  Introduction to Curriculum Theory 3
  EDUC-C&I 5506  Curriculum Design                 3
  EDUC-C&I 5591  Curriculum & Instruction of the 
  21st Century                                     3
Multicultural and Urban Focus  (one course required)
  EDUC-C&I 5560  Teaching & Learning in an 	
                   Urban Classroom                 3
  EDUC-C&I 5561  Teaching Diverse Populations in 
                   Today's Classrooms              3
  EDUC-C&I 5562  Teaching for Equity and
                   Social Justice                    3
  EDUC-C&I 5563  Multicultural Perspectives in
                   Education                         3
Research (one course required)
  EDUC-R&P 5505  Statistical Methods                 3
  EDUC-R&P 5508  Principles & Methods of Research    3                                
Culminating Experiences        
  EDUC-SP 5516  Philosophical and Family Issues
                   in Special Education              3
  EDUC-C&I 5595 Action Research for Practitioners    6