Report Request FAQs

What kind of information can Institutional Research & Planning provide? 

Our office provides many different kinds of information to parties interested in information about the University of Missouri – Kansas City. Enrollment information, historical data, and retention and graduation information are just some of the things we provide. If you ask for it we can find it and provide it in an understandable format. Note that all of UMKC's departments including the Office of Institutional Research & Planning are governed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

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How long does a request take to complete?

It typically takes five to ten business days to complete a request. This can be adjusted for special circumstances, but in order to provide accurate information this is a good estimation of the time it will take to complete the request. 

I have an emergency request due sooner than two to four weeks can you fill it? 

Under most circumstances the answer is yes, however we ask that when possible the request is sent five to ten business days ahead of time. 

What is provided with the information that is requested? 

When we fill your request we give more than just numbers on a spreadsheet. We send a detailed memo explaining how the information was obtained and the results of the data. This is to help you understand exactly what the data means in regards to your request. 

How do I submit a request? 

We ask that the all requests are submitted through the Request a Report/Dataset page. This is helpful on our end because it assigns your request a number which is used to track the request throughout the request process. It is also beneficial to our clients because it allows us to better manage all of the incoming requests when they come from this system. After the request is submitted we will contact you within two days to verify the request and get more information if needed. 

What information goes into each field on the Data Request form? 

Name: Your name or the requestor's name 

Organization: The name of the business or organization you represent 

Title: Your job title or the requestor's job title 

Address: A physical location you can be contacted at or have the report mailed to.

Division/School/College: The division, school, or college the request is for.

Department: The department the request is for.

Phone: The phone number where the requestor can be reached in case of any questions or concerns. 

E-Mail: The email address where the requestor can be reached. Typically when requests are completed they are sent out by email unless otherwise requested.

Date Needed: The date when you would like requested information to be returned. Keep in mind that all Data Requests take between five and 10 working days to complete. 

Report Example: Any assisting documents which can help explain your request.

Survey URL: The website address of a survey, or other online document, which this data will be used to respond to.

Report Description: Describe exactly what you need for the data request. Make the description as detailed as possible. 

Purpose of Report: Describe how the data will be used; describe the research question you are trying to answer with the data.

Desired Format: What format would you like the data to be in when it is returned to you (PDF, XLS, CSV, Other)?

Report Repetition: Is this request one which will be required on a regular basis? If so, do you want it sent to you daily, weekly, monthly, or annually?

Report Window: How long will the IRAP office continue to send this/these reports to you. Is it for two weeks? Or a month?