Chancellor's Diversity Council

We are dedicated to cultivating an environment of civility and respect; providing a diverse learning environment; recruiting and retaining a diverse campus community; and promoting collective ownership of diversity initiatives across the campus.

Diversity at all levels is critical to UMKC’s mission of providing an environment defined by the belief that a multiplicity of values and beliefs, interests and experiences and intellectual and cultural viewpoints enrich learning and inform scholarship. Respect for the culture that makes UMKC a dynamic teaching, research and service environment is a basic institutional value. The Diversity Council reaches across the institution to promote access, respect, inclusiveness and community in all of UMKC’s working and learning environments.

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Council Members

  • J. Camille Hall, Vice Chancellor, Division of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Richard Bigham, School of Dentistry
  • Sally Ellis Fletcher, School of Nursing and Health Studies
  • Maqual Graham, School of Pharmacy
  • Nancy Hoover, School of Graduate Studies
  • Caitlin Horsmon, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Jake Marszalek, School of Education
  • Aidan Soder,  Conservatory
  • Tyler Smith, School of Medicine
  • Mikah Thompson, School of Law
  • Omiunota Ukpokodu, School of Education
  • Jocelyn Evans, Bloch School
  • Jacob Lazzo, Title IX/Affirmative Action
  • Arzi Umali, The Women's Center
  • Joe Constantino, External Relations and Constituent Engagement
  • Makini King, Division of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Lona Davenport, Division of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Keichanda Dees-Burnett, Multicultural Student Affairs
  • Tracey Hughes, Libraries
  • Kimberly Johnson, Multicultural Student Affairs 
  • Scott Laurent,Student Disability Services 
  • Andre Logan, Office of the Chancellor
  • Alia Krzyzanowski, Human Resources
  • Doug Swink, Enrollment Management
  • Elora Thomas, Admissions
  • Tammy Welchert, Roo Student Success
  • Kimali West, Strategic Marketing and Communications
  • Karen King, Staff Council
  • John Cottrell, Health Sciences Diversity and Inclusion Council
  • Tim Nguyen, Student Body President
  • Adriana Paez, Student Rep
  • Matthew Edwards, Disability Alliance
  • Teresa Torres, Mi Gente
  • Toya Like, Black and Roo Faculty/Staff Association
  • Alicen Lundgren, Antiracism White Allies and Advocates
  • Michelle Smirnova, Antiracism White Allies and Advocates
  • Jen Santee, LGBTQIA Faculty/Staff Association
  • J.D. Rios, Hispanic Advisory Board
  • Tim Degnan, LGBTQIA Council