2019 Posts


First post from Italy’s “Red City” Bologna

My semester here in the city of Bologna, Italy.


"I was the only non-Irish kid in the field, but I’m sure glad they let it fly."


Going to See Plays in London

My intro to London stage class.


Time can pass by before you know it.


Thrifting in London

Halloween literally around the corner I’m getting more and more excited day by day.

Neither Here Nor There

Life is about adjusting on the run, so sometimes you just have to buckle up and let it ...


Taking Flight

With one week of classes down and a few adventures under my belt, things are becoming a...

Arriving in London

The jet lag has been real, and has finally caught up with me!


A Summer Semester in 13 Words

Deciphering notes from an Arabic lecture is usually like a Where’s Waldo exercise.

A Call to Action in Inclusive Diversity

Inclusive diversity is naturally innovative.

UMKC Rainbow Lounge: A Space for LGBTQIA+ Students

Offering an open environment for students to meet, study, and hang out.

Become a Diversity Ambassador!

Represent the student voice, within the Division of Diversity and Inclusion.


Because of the Color of My Skin and Other Misun...

The color of one's skin has posed particular lifelong challenges, questions, and anxiet...


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Synergy agile bandwidth inspirational engaging impact investing data cultivate targeted...


The Case for Black History

Black History Month (originally Negro History Week) was founded by Carter G. Woodson.