ASIA Dance participantsWhen you think of Asia, you think of the continent and the many different people that represent it. Representation is something that all universities try to accomplish and at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, this is no different. Many students rise up to the challenge and try to make sure everyone is represented, and the newly created organization Asian Students In America, or ASIA for short, is no exception. The foundation of ASIA was started with five visionary students, Gloria Mun, Marcus Theui, Julie Jong, Harman Shakur, and Joseph Choi. Working tirelessly throughout the summer the core five set out to create an organization that accommodates Asian & Asian American Students on campus. ASIA was started with the main goal to unite and to create an environment that is comfortable for Asian students on campus. With many different backgrounds, it is sometimes challenging to involve every type of Asian, but with ASIA, all are welcome to join. With 36 members in the first semester and 78 in the second, ASIA has managed to get a foothold in the organization ladder.

ASIA Org Event

With such a large influx of members, ASIA made sure to keep the semester fully booked with events and activities in partnership with the office of Multicultural Student Affairs and the UMKC Counseling Center. Some of the events that were held:  ASIA’s Friendsgiving, Boba Tea Gathering, ASIA’s Spicy Ramen Challenge, and many other fun events. With every start, there is a goal and ASIA’s goal is to have the Asian community brought forward and to inspire new students and members to participate in the ever-growing organization. Goals set the bar and sometimes in order to reach that bar, there are necessities that have to be accounted for. ASIA wants involvement, not just from students, but also from alumni or other Asians in the community.