According to policy HR-411- Voting, any employee who is qualified and eligible to vote in any election held within the state of Missouri shall be excused from duty for a period necessary to allow three (3) successive hours for the purpose of voting, such period to include any off-duty time between the opening and closing of the polls. The employee shall be paid for any time requiring absence from duty to allow three (3) successive hours; provided; however, that such absence is requested prior to election day. The supervisor shall have the right to specify the time an employee may be absent for voting. An employee whose hours of work permit three (3) successive hours between the opening and closing of the polls when not on duty, will not be eligible for any paid time off for the purpose of voting.

Time off for early voting is not covered by HR-411; however, if time off is needed, employees can work with their supervisors and use accrued personal, vacation or comp time.

Additionally, if you are registered in Missouri and voting by mail/absentee ballot, you must get your ballot notarized unless it is for medical purposes. There are notaries on the UMKC campus, listed by location campus and with contact information. The Missouri Secretary of State's Office compiled a directory of notaries who have volunteered to assist voters at no charge. Another resource is Curbside Notary, which is offering car-side appointments at local coffee shops and restaurants through Oct. 25.