The UMKC Strategic Marketing and Communications is producing a series of seven short videos, one for each STEM academic unit, featuring STEM faculty members talking about their field and demonstrating one of the ways they teach it. The videos are approximately two minutes in length and are designed to engage prospective students with fun content, introduce them to faculty and some of the fun things UMKC STEM students get to do and show prospective students what they can do with a STEM degree.

Faculty in the videos and their program areas include Hillary McGraw, Ph.D., biology; Travis Fields, Ph.D., mechanical engineering; Fengpeng Sun, Ph.D., earth and environmental science; Amanda Grimes, Ph.D., nursing; Kun Cheng, Ph.D., pharmacy; and Tanya Gibson, D.D.S., dentistry. A seventh video is planned for medicine. The faculty member for that video has not been identified yet. You can watch the current videos on the UMKC STEM Playlist of the UMKC YouTube page.