Call for artThe Her Art/Their Art: IntersXions and Identity, presented by the UMKC Women’s Center and InterUrban ArtHouse as part of the ongoing Her Art Project, is accepting submissions for the exhibition March 19 through April 16. The submission deadline is Monday, March 1.

The exhibition is open to all female-identified and non-binary femme artists whose work brings focus to these identities or celebrates a world that’s becoming more gender-inclusive at a time when racism, sexism and trans-phobia are still very much ingrained in our society. The art will address the question, What does it mean to you to identify, live and navigate our society as Womxn in 21st century America?

The purpose of the show is to illustrate and celebrate the unique experiences and challenges female-identifying and non-binary artists face in America, as they bring together family, careers, activism and artistic fulfillment. For more information, visit InterUrban ArtHouse or contact Wolfe Brack at