How would you describe your current job as a pharmacist?

I’m a second-generation community pharmacist. I took my first steps in one of my dad’s pharmacies. My father and I launched MedHere Today, a pharmacy quality consulting firm based in Nashville, Tennessee, to help community pharmacies like ours discover new and more efficient ways of doing business. I also serve as a board member of the National Community Pharmacists Association Innovation Center and as NCPA liaison to the Pharmacy Quality Alliance

What does a typical day look like in your role?

I’m blessed every day with roles that consist of everything from community pharmacy business management to direct patient-centered care. I work on pharmacy contract compliance, community pharmacy advocacy, enhanced pharmacy service consulting, and pharmacy measure development and quality assurance. Every day is something new. 

How do you see the roles of pharmacists continuing to evolve in the future?

Community pharmacists have to take a page out of the primary care provider book. We have to ensure that the pharmacy operates like a clinic with a support staff helping the pharmacist just like medical office staff helps the physician. We have to specialize in being the experts in local needs and filling local gaps in care, all while utilizing our team for support.

Why did you decide on Pharmacy as a career choice?

I worked at L&S Pharmacy in high school and after graduation attended Southeast Missouri State University double majoring in Chemistry and Criminal Justice. I was really interested in the FBI. A criminal justice professor whose spouse was an FBI agent mentioned that the FBI was actively looking for pharmacists and accountants. I applied to pharmacy school knowing it would give me both pharmacy and FBI opportunities.

What were your plans as a pharmacist when you started school? 

Several weeks into pharmacy school my dad asked if I’d be interested in coming back and working as a community pharmacist in our family pharmacy businesses after graduation and I agreed to do so. 

What would be your best advice for someone thinking about a career in pharmacy?

I would encourage thinking about a career in pharmacy to find a job in a pharmacy that supports their future professional goals. Learn as much as you can. Study the job market in your sector of interest. Talk to as many pharmacists as you can to ensure you’re making the most informed career decision.

Why should someone pick the UMKC School of Pharmacy?

I chose UMKC because my father was an alumnus. Based on UMKC’s current community pharmacy practice engagement, I can’t imagine why a student interested community pharmacy practice wouldn’t want to explore what UMKC has to offer. 

What do you do outside of work for fun?

I love spending time with my family. My children are 15, 13, and 8 years old and super busy with school, sports and other commitments. We’re having a great time traveling with them and supporting them in their activities.